Friday, 22 July 2016

3250 Digital Project Review - Poster Sessions

John Boulton's digital project on poster sessions was well organized and thorough. His material had a natural flow that moved through the definition to examples to a comprehensive checklist of steps for follow through - all supported by the concrete example of John's own classroom and techniques. 

He appeared to grasp the concept with authority and understand its benefit. I feel like it is often a struggle in a classroom to balance giving students the freedom to choose the nature of their assignments so they are comfortable showcasing their best, and giving some insistence to  practice skills in which they feel less confident so those skills are strengthened. I liked John's inclusion of a general topic (air flow) all students had to know, with the freedom to choose some aspect of this concept. The student-centred learning model empowers the process and fuels engagement because we all work hard at things we care about. 

I wondered if the checklist was complete -- this was a handy slide, should viewers want to take notes, but there may have been room to add the final concepts such as what to do once the class is divided, what kinds of follow up exercises to conduct, how to finish the classroom presentation component, etc.

Overall, I thought this was a great project and enjoyed its simplicity and thorough, natural flow. Take a look for yourself: 

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