Friday, 5 August 2016

3250 Digital Presentation Review - Jeopardy

Todd Turton took an interesting approach to teaching with his Jeopardy game. The premise is the same as the TV game show where students are provided the answer to a question and are in a race to see who can be the first to provide the fitting question. Todd's idea is interesting and fun, and I could see it breaking up the lecture or book work format of a classroom.

In his presentation, Todd did a nice job of using Powtoon graphics and images to display his work. There were a few logistical points where I had extra questions (how are the categories displayed? How does the instructor keep his or her answers organized according to category, etc.) and I didn't see the answers in the presentation. There were also some typos and punctuation errors that could have been spotted to give the presentation a more complete appearance.

I liked the way Todd pointed out the game's application (trivia, facts, light material) and I would have been interested to see where Todd has used this in his own classroom, what subjects he teaches, and whether his students gave him any feedback. I am sure if they did is was abut how much fun this game was!

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