Thursday, 4 August 2016

3250 Digital Project Review - Infographic on Academic Controversy

Alena Buis published this fantastic infographic on academic controversy for PIDP 3250 in 2015. I don't know if it is the great topic or shiny object syndrome, but I really love this project.

Infographics are a lot like editorials (which I also love) because they synthesize a large amount of information into a shorter, digestible format that appeals to the eye and a natural sense of organization. In this project, the information is arranged in a logical and readable flow, and uses some fantastic quotes to bring the material to life, such as Dewey's, "Conflict is the gladfly of life ..." and this helps break up the "listing" effect this type of graphic could take on if done ineffectively.

From a design perspective, the project is balanced and aesthetically pleasing because it minimizes the number of fonts and colours, and uses these in a consistent pattern. The ratio of words to images is well done and not overwhelming, and even the shapes and outlines are used to guide the eye with consistency and implied direction.

The project's topic is appealing because it speaks to a sense of rigour and enthusiasm I like in teaching. Why shouldn't we challenge, debate, and learn through pushing past discomfort into realms we didn't think imaginable (or agreeable!). There are also so many life skills to take away from a project like this -- communication, debate, respect for others, effectively organizing materials, and health risk taking, for starters.

Overall a great project!

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