Monday, 29 August 2016

3250 - Presentation Review: Active Learning

Shelley Killeen created a PowToon presentation on Active Learning for her final project. In the presentation, she is thorough in her examination of the theory of active learning, and in her explanation of the benefits of this technique -- greater engagement, retention, deeper knowledge, and empowerment.

Shelley teaches hot stone massage and was able to give personal, practical testimony to how this technique assists her students and her teaching practice. An interesting statistic was that students retain 90% of what they do, and only 10% of what they read and say.

As for the overall presentation,it could have used a little variety between what she said and the screen graphics. Given that she was discussing active learning, some practical activity or demonstration may have been a better fit than reading the words from the screen. On a personal note, I would have liked some practical examples of how to implement active learning in different contexts, but this may just be my way of learning -- others, I am sure, related well to the facts and figures Shelley presented.

Shelley's voice was clear and friendly, and her material was concise. That we definitely a nice feature of this presentation, as well.

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