Sunday, 14 August 2016

Make Teaching Fun

This speaker has got to be one of the best I have seen on synthesizing difficult information in a digestible, memorable way. His technique preserves the richness of the topic, but draws learners in for the long-haul by making the subject something they can actually relate to and sink their teeth into. Imagine struggling with the sciences and then meeting this guy -- it would be like the sky opened and the angels sang!

I agree with him in the way he responds to criticism that his method leaves out some of the specificity of more complicated principles. The truth is, you are never going to get learners to a place where they understand those specifics unless you engage them in a meaningful way. I mean really, once you've taught your students the method and logic to making pancakes, how much harder is it to explain where the syrup goes? (That is a metaphor, by the way -- time for a snack.)


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