Friday, 28 October 2016

Podcasts - More fun than Nickelback

My husband thinks I am a bit loony for running while listening to podcasts.

"How is that fun?" he asks, while searching the radio for a Nickelback clip.

Nickelback. I kid you not.

Podcasts are interesting because you can pick your topic and listen to one or a series, with all the imagination you require to read a book. Except your hands are free to type, wash dishes, run, or change the radio station.

Podcasts are demonstrations of excellent writing and careful word and style choice -- no one is going to listen if you ramble on and on. Speaking of which ...

Here is a link to a post about educational podcasts -- 21 of them. I have used several of these (Ted, RadioLab, The Podcast History of Our World, Stuff You Should Know, History of the World in 100 Objects) and am excited to try some new ones.

Care to make your own podcast? Here's a starter kit >>

Good luck.

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