Friday, 14 October 2016

You Know You're Old When Facebook is Essential

I was training a new web editor the other day who accidentally let it slip that Facebook is really just popular with old people now -- old meaning me (at 41) and young being her (18-ish). I laughed and begged her to tell me more, mainly because I am so interested in how the world changes so quickly, secondarily because I was curious about how "old" people are driving the young 'uns away, and out of vague curiosity, where the little punks are going.

Snapchat, she said, if they are indeed little punks who can't live without massacring their profile pictures with bunny ears, and Instagram if they are a more refined version of youth, enamored by tragically ironic landscape photography and bored to tears by thirty-somethings raving about their kids pooping or the fabulous Sunday meal that took 37 hours to prepare (sigh, no big deal).

Here's an article about the decline of whippersnappers on Facebook, but the hook Mark Zuckerberg will always have in us as 54% of social media users consider Facebook and Facebook alone, "essential." Well played, Zuckerberg. Well. Played.

Brew a cup of tea, turn up the heat, and lock the front door; you've got reading to do >>

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