Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Learning in the Age of Distraction

This is a great interview with Adam Gazzaley, author of The Distracted Mind: Ancient Brains in a High Tech World, which looks at the science of distraction, learning, and the role of technology in both. 

An interesting point in the interview is this: "One of the things we talk about in the book is the need for us to re-train ourselves to become comfortable with sustaining our attention on a single goal and for young people, who may have never developed this skill, to learn the value and to appreciate the value and to even feel the value of sustained attention," said Gazzaley.

This is important information because we can't begin to use media and technology in teaching if we don't know the full breadth of its effects -- positive and negative.

Take a peek and if you can, read the book. 

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