Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Twitter vs RSS: Showdown at 11

I never got into RSS feeds, mainly because I think they were a thing before I cared enough about the Internet to use it to my advantage. I don't know if it is the dynamic status of the web or the clunky user interface, or anxiety of worrying I'll feel bad about missing something if it is hand delivered that kept me from buying in, but either way I have never been an RSS gal.

These days I use Twitter in a similar fashion, and given the lifespan of a tweet makes a Mayfly seem like Rip van Winkle, I guess I am okay with catching up on the highlights if I miss something. The only syndicated content I really grab onto are podcast series and these automatically update when I sync my iPod. I don't need a feed to announce a new episode and I think if I had that service the pressure would turn me completely batty, to the extent I would stockpile the headlines and purposely take the long way around to my laptop.

I read Twitter by topic and by source, follow hashtags, and Google everything just to be sure the source is legit. It is a lot of work, I know, but I am also not bombarded by a steady stream of content that I may or may not care about, and I can choose when to stress out over global economic policy and when to chill out to a new episode of How the Work Works. It is that simple, and while I realize I may be missing out, I think I can handle the disappointment.

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